Information on coronavirus

Now that the chilly season has started, the number of COVID-19 infections is increasing rapidly. We are very well placed to provide you with safe logistics solutions and to ensure the reliable shipment of your consignments.

To this end we have updated our pandemic and business continuity plan in line with current circumstances, factoring in the interests of all involved parties, to enable us to provide you with appropriate, case-related solutions.

We continue to be in constant communication with the relevant authorities, to be able to react quickly and notify you accordingly as the situation changes.

Of course, we have aligned all the internal and operational processes in our company with those essential prevention recommendations of the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health. Our comprehensive, far-reaching hygiene concept is designed to provide optimum protection to consignors, consignees, clients, employees and couriers.

We also continue to offer the contact-free delivery / pick-up option, which was rolled out in spring and which has bedded down extremely well in the last few months. In parallel, we have warehousing capacity at our disposal to provide our clients with the additional space needed to ensure product availability. An enhanced weekend service continues to be provided.

Our crisis management team is making every effort to process information and develop solutions on a rolling basis, in order to minimise the at least foreseeable impact of the pandemic on our business operations and therefore ensure our performance capability as our resources allow.

However, we should like to draw attention to the legal restrictions and specifications, which have been or will be imposed on overriding, particularly health or life-saving, grounds. Under these reservations, which we cannot and do not want to put up for discussion in the interest of all, we must also adapt and restrict our service provision if necessary.

We shall, of course, notify you immediately if any restrictions apply to you and your clients. We are endeavouring to minimise the impact of the relevant or specified measures.


Official requirements may result in service provision restrictions! In the interest of all, we have little room for manoeuvre here.



Contactless delivery / pick-up

For your protection but also for the protection of our couriers, GO! has enabled contactless delivery and pick-up for the duration of the corona crisis. Other delivery and pick-up options are also possible – please contact us.

Currently there are no service restrictions.