Information on the coronavirus

Update as of 23 December 2022:

We continue to live with the coronavirus. In order to avoid infection as far as possible and to protect everyone involved in the transport process, we are taking all measures to fulfil our responsibility in these difficult times. The reliable supply of our customers and also their customers while ensuring health is our focus.

Answers to the most important questions about parcel shipping can be found on this page.

Currently there are no service restrictions.



Due to the transmission pathways identified so far and the relatively low environmental stability of coronaviruses, it is unlikely, based on current knowledge, that MC device or packets could be a source of infection with the coronavirus. This assessment is also valid according to the latest publication on the survivability of the known coronaviruses by scientists from the Universities of Greifswald and Bochum (source: Federal Institute for Risk Assessment).

Nevertheless, our equipment is disinfected as a preventive measure when returned to the ward.

For the protection of your and our employees' and couriers' health, GO! has of course aligned or adapted all internal and operational processes in the company to the basic prevention recommendations of the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Ministry of Health.

Of course, we do our utmost to map the supply chain for you. However, the situation changes almost every hour and at many addresses delivery is no longer possible due to governmental closures and quarantine cases. Please refer to the information in our "Ticker on Service Restrictions" and contact your GO! station.

Short-term orders are still feasible in principle. As the situation changes hourly in some cases, we ask you to contact your responsible GO! station.

Ideally, transfer options and delivery alternatives (letterbox delivery, parking permit) should be agreed in advance. In certain cases (recipient = risk group), delivery to a named neighbor, a nurse or the like may also make sense. The named substitute recipient should of course be informed accordingly.

For certain services, contactless service is naturally only possible to a limited extent or not at all. These include, for example, expenses / COD shipments, identity checks, code delivery or certain technical services. Also a service provision "free at point of use" inevitably leads to increased contacts.

The service possibilities depend strongly on local conditions and official regulations. While some areas can be served with appropriate certificates, exemptions, etc., others are only accessible for government-organized supply trips. Please refer to our "Ticker on Service Restrictions" at the top of this page. For specific inquiries please contact your GO! station.

Of course we will inform you proactively if a delivery / pick-up is not possible.

Extensive precautions are taken to protect our customers and employees and to safeguard our business operations. In addition to the obvious personal hygiene and extended occupational health and safety measures, various crisis scenarios have been worked out and backed up with corresponding reaction plans.

Where necessary, close coordination with the responsible authorities will be carried out in order to be able to map the supply chain in the event of an official crisis.

Prevention currently offers the best protection against infection. We are happy to offer you alternative delivery options. If you have any questions regarding this or your shipment, please contact your local GO! station.

Emergency plans are in place and are continuously updated by our crisis management team with the involvement of our partners, information from the WHO, the Robert Koch Institute, regional, national and international authorities in order to fulfil our mission towards you while respecting the interests of our employees