GO! Value added services

With GO!, you benefit from a broad selection of extra services that make your shipments even speedier or more secure, from same-day service and on-board-courier to fixed delivery at a particular time and date and complete customs processing.

For complex requirements, we also offer you a broad array of extras, from house post services to tailored supply chain solutions and even sector-specific business solutions.


Additional services for your shipping 

No matter how late you keep working, we can still pick up your shipment. With late regular pick-up times, late special pick-ups with direct carriage to our station so that your shipment enters our network as late as possible, and night-time pick-ups whose transport handling is specially tailored to you, we always have
the right solution to hand.

The benefits

  • late regular pick-up times by default
  • economical late pick-up: shipments are taken directly to the station and loaded into scheduled transport at the latest possible point
  • night-time pick-up whose onward transport is organised individually to suit you:
    • regular shipment handling within the station region
    • optional forwarding of nationwide shipments by feed-in directly into the central HUB for overnight delivery
    • Further alternatives include direct deliveries and Same Day service.

Very late pick-up times, but for shipments that are not time-critical: again, GO! is flexible. These shipments are picked up when you want them to be, and forwarded in regular channels the next day.

If you need to send time-critical shipments with extra late cut-off times regularly, we can offer you lots of other alternatives. These include central warehousing and shipment handling at our HUB as well as regional high-availability warehouses for the same-day delivery of shipments.

Weekends and public holidays are times in which regular plans can be frustrated – normally. But with GO! you are in safe hands, even at times that are usually awkward.

GO! can carry urgent ad hoc shipments quickly and reliably to their consignees, whether these are important spare parts or urgent documents. And GO! can do this whenever you want and whenever you need it: late in the evening, early in the morning, and even in the middle of the night.

The benefits

  • around-the-clock service availability: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • short response times: one call is enough
  • extremely fast handling tailored to your requirements
  • your own competent and experienced consultant
  • seamless shipment tracking providing full transparency online

*in compliance with the legal requirements

Does your shipment need to be delivered within a fixed time slot? No problem: select one of our many options, as your needs dictate.

The benefits

  • lots of different scheduling options to suit your particular requirements
  • early delivery – before 8 a.m. the following day at any business centre*
  • time slots from 30 to 120 minutes throughout the day
  • fixed delivery – 15 minutes to the precise deadline

* Please contact your GO! station for more information.

If your shipments containing confidential information, high-value goods, or other sensitive content exclusively have to be delivered to authorised people, or if you’re sending financial or salary documents, travel documents, or vehicle papers – then we have the right solution for you. Even in our standard service we only
deliver to named consignees, and will only deliver to mailboxes and neighbors if the customer has given express permission. In this form of authorised delivery, we offer a service that is extra-
secure. The consignees will only receive the shipment if they enter the correct PIN code.

The benefits

  • Reassuring security – your shipment will only be handed to authorised people if they enter the correct PIN code. If your shipment cannot be delivered, it is kept in our quarantine store until you redirect it.
  • very short transit times because we use a high-performance express transit network
  • highly flexible, offering a wide range of timed delivery options and additional services

If you only want your shipment to find its way into certain hands, then you should have it exclusively delivered to a certain person or group of people only. We have the right solution for that too – identity check. Delivery is specially personalised. Consignees have to identify themselves. It’s the highest security level. It is also the ideal addition to our standard service in which we only deliver to named consignees.

The benefits

  • strictly personal. Your shipment will only be handed to people who can identify themselves. If your shipment cannot be delivered, it is kept in our quarantine store until you redirect it.
  • very short transit times because we use a high-performance express transit network
  • highly flexible, offering a wide range of timed delivery options and additional services

We can inform you about pending pick-ups and deliveries, as required. This notification is within any time slot you choose, and can be by telephone or in writing.

The benefits

  • increases the likelihood of pick-ups and delivery, especially if the sender or consignee is not always present, or only sporadically present
  • easier for those involved to plan: if a shipping or receiving point is not usually occupied, you don’t have to man it permanently when shipments are due
  • subsequent coordination of pick-ups and delivery modalities on demand
  • Collection and delivery can be at places without postal addresses or fixed handover points, such as trade fairs, major construction sites, airports and out of town.
  • Lead times and notification methods can be selected individually.
  • Customers are informed proactively in the event of unavailability.

Trade fairs, conferences, and other similar events – these are always highly stressful days for you as an exhibitor or visitor. So it’s a reassuring feeling to have GO! at your side as a reliable service provider. Is part of your trade fair booth missing or defective? Do you need to stock up on information materials or give-aways? Are the items you purchased not allowed on your flight? GO! Trade fair services covers your back for all of your transport needs around the event, so you can concentrate fully on your visitors, customers, and other tasks.

The benefits

  • deliveries and pick-ups right at the trade fair booth or at a different agreed meeting place, including flexible, telephonic coordination at short notice
  • comprehensive service on event days, and when setting up and dismantling
  • early delivery and late pick-up options as well as numerous scheduling options, depending on access possibilities
  • proactive feedback in the event of procedural obstacles relating to the event
  • support for activities involving setting up and dismantling
  • packaging activities, including providing shipping materials
  • other additional services from our product portfolio

When shipping goods, the customer must provide all of the documents needed for customs clearance. We can help you to do that. But delays are still possible due to customs clearance.

GO! offers standard cover of up to € 2,500 for national shipping. Insurance for international shipping is compliant with CMR. You can of course choose higher insurance cover if
you want.

Do you want to send something directly from your supplier to your customer? Not a problem. If you want, we can neutralise the address so that your customer sees you as the shipper, but without the shipment having to make a detour via you.

The right packaging is essential for shipping. It protects the goods you’re sending and gives them good handling properties; attaching shipping documents and labeling ensures smooth procedures. Document wallets, plastic envelopes, cardboard boxes – GO! can provide you with exactly the right packaging to safely transport your shipments. And it’s perfectly tailored to the various things you’re shipping.

The benefits

  • wide range of standard packaging materials
  • We can identify suitable special packaging for your shipped goods – disposable or recyclable.
  • Advice on packaging solutions and data loggers / temperature documentation
  • Would you like to outsource your packaging activities? We will be happy to advise you on your individual requirements on request.

No more waiting for your money with GO! Cash on delivery. Our courier will deliver your goods only in return for payment and we will send you the money quickly.

The benefits

  • immediate, straightforward order handling, even if there are no electronic payment options available
  • high security: your goods will only be handed over in return for payment of the COD amount you have determined
  • fast payment: the COD amount we collect will be sent to the account of your choice in just a few days
  • choice of COD currency both domestically and abroad
  • cash, crossed checks, and Eurochecks: you can choose your means of payment as well

Want to be informed about the delivery of your shipment as soon as possible? GO! will inform you immediately once it has been delivered – and the delivery proof can be sent to you by the quickest means if required.

The benefits

  • proactive notification of successful delivery within a maximum of 30 minutes
  • sent by telephone, e-mail, SMS
  • reassurance and minimum bother: you don’t have to check constantly on tracking information
  • signed delivery note sent to you if required: electronically on the same day or on the following day, hard copy within one or two days
  • the choice is yours: GO! standard delivery note or customised version
  • We can also record additional details if required: identity check, recorded delivery, or customised details.

When we pick up, we advance a cash amount on your behalf. As a customer, you can appoint us to buy shipments, or
receive them against a fee. The amount is then invoiced to you together with the shipping costs.

The benefits

  • The way the purchasing and receiving of the item is handled is as fast and uncomplicated as possible, even if there are no electronic payment options available – so there are no unnecessary delays when it comes to shipping.
  • high security: you don’t have to pay in advance, you only pay once the shipmentis picked up

Carriage forward delivery
Consignee to pay all shipping costs.

Self delivery / Self pick-up
You’re welcome to drop off and pick up your shipment at our GO! stations or sorting centres.

* Don’t see what you want? Simply get in touch with your local GO! station. Our logistics experts will find a solution for you.