Same day delivery?
GO! Same Day

For particularly urgent parcel shipping, GO! Same Day offers you exactly what it sounds like: same-day delivery.


To ensure that your consignment arrives as quickly as possible, it is collected from your premises and taken to the nearest airport or railway station as quickly as possible. There it is checked in for direct onward transport on a scheduled connection (flight or express train connection). At the receiving location, another courier takes over the shipment immediately after arrival and delivers it directly to the delivery address. Compared to a direct journey, this is an extremely fast but economical transport alternative, especially over longer distances.

  • Fastest possible shipment delivery, usually on the same day of dispatch
  • We advise you in detail and choose the best individual transport route according to your requirements.
  • Advice on the legal framework, e.g. IATA DGR, deviating dimensional and weight restrictions in aircraft and railways.
  • Don't lose any time when placing an order either: Within a very short time, you will receive an offer from us for the term and costs.
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio through the use of scheduled connections

We were looking for a reliable partner who could master the logistical challenges together with us. We have found this partner in GO! and particularly appreciate the personal contact.

Kurt Köber, Dispatch Manager Baldwin Germany