Fact Sheet

GO! Express & Logistics is a transport and logistics company that is beyond limits. Even medium-sized companies, we approach all tasks related to the express delivery of parcels with great understanding. In this way, our network has developed into the largest group-independent express and courier service provider in Europe.


GO! Express & Logistics
Deutschland GmbH


Martina Baerecke

Corporate Head Office / Address Details:

Brühler Straße 9, 53119 Bonn, Germany
Phone: +49 228 24393-0; Fax: +49 228 24393-590
Internet: general-overnight.com
Email: info@general-overnight.com

Free service connection to your personal contact: 0800 / 859 99 99


established in 1984 as Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kurierdienste (Consortium of German Courier Services)

in 1994 renamed GO! General Overnight

in 2014 renamed GO! Express & Logistics

> 10 mio. shipments in 2023

> 100 GO! stations in Europe

> 1,400 employees

>1,700 drivers and couriers

on daily assignments

> 350 routes

ich supply the area-wide network at night

> 8 own national subsidiaries

in Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic as well as Slovakia and Switzerland

> 6 cooperation partners

in other neighbouring countries, including Belgium, England, France, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary.

220 countries

Express delivery of parcels worldwide, served by an international partner network

central HUB

Niederaula / Hesse

30,000 m² site
more than 7,600 m² of production and ware-housing space
127 loading bays
1,637-metre conveyor belt system
night-time sorting capacity of 10,500 parcels per hour

Bonn, Frankfurt a. M., Gera, Hamburg, Hanover, Heilbronn, Linz (Austria), Ulm

Our service categories

GO! Express

Overnight and Worldwide

GO! Courier:

Flexible direct connections

GO! Solutions:

sophisticated logistics solutions

Value Added Services

Individual additional services for all product groups

Industry-specific logistics:

Solutions for industry-specific requirements:  

  • GO! Healthcare
  • GO! Hightech
  • GO! Fashion & Lifestyle
  • GO! Media & Trade
  • GO! Automotive


Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik e. V. (BIEK),
Bundesvereinigung Logistk (BVL)