GO! Solutions

Business is always in motion – and we move with it. We offer the latest solutions for B2B business. They’re as specific and individual as the industries and companies they serve. Tailored to your needs, strictly in line with the requirements that you place on transport and logistics, and based on our courier, express, and parcel delivery values – absolute on time, maximum security, and around-the-clock availability.

Shipping pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and hazardous goods is a highly unusual brief for many shippers, but to us it’s an everyday affair. Our staff and couriers are suitably trained and familiar with all the official regulations. No matter how special your shipment is, it will always be in safe hands with us.

Why does GO! offer such a wide range of fulfillment services for special requirements? It’s simple: we see it as our task to offer customers real added value. It allows you to make your processes much more efficient, to reduce your costs and to improve the quality of your customer service.