GO! In-house post service / PO Box emptying Service

GO! empties your post box regularly at the agreed time and delivers your mail without delay. With our mailbox service, you save yourself long journeys and can devote yourself fully to your core business.

In addition to our P.O. box service, we can also take care of the collection and delivery of your in-house mail within your company network if you wish. This way, important documents and records reach all colleagues and employees in good time and always get into the right hands.

  • Pick-up and delivery of your letters to the address of your choice
  • Pick-up and delivery at set times - but also ad hoc

Even for highly complex tasks relating to shipping and logistics, we work with you to develop customised solutions, for example supply chain solutions relating to warehousing and distribution or industry solutions.

Case study

For one of our customers, we pick-up the business mail every working day in the entire company network and pass it on accordingly. We also empty a post office box and deliver its contents, such as letters, journals and magazines, directly to the relevant branches.