Hazardous goods transport?
GO! Dangerous goods

With GO! you have a partner at your side for the shipment of hazardous goods who not only works with maximum care and guarantees absolute safety, but is also very familiar with all the legal regulations and requirements.

  • Qualified personnel according to ADR and IATA DGR from order acceptance via our couriers to shipment handling
  • Comprehensive equipment of vehicles and handling areas in accordance with dangerous goods regulations
  • Continuous inspection for compliance with all legal requirements with regard to packaging, labelling and accompanying documents
  • IT-supported order processing with automated comparison of substance data, check for mixed loading bans and creation of route-specific transport documents
  • Dedicated process descriptions and emergency plans

Compliance with all requirements is continuously monitored by an external dangerous goods officer. Just like us, he is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We transport these dangerous goods classes for you

Class Overnight Direct drive Description / Remark / Restriction
1.4G1 no yes* explosive substances and articles containing explosives
* UN 0066 (1.4G), UN 0336 (1.4G) and UN 0431 (1.4G) only
1.4S1 yes* yes* * Exclusion of ammunition and explosive charges
yes* yes** flammable gases
non-flammable gases and non-toxic gases
toxic gases
* Exclusion of dangerous goods covered by CV36 (transport only in ventilated transport units with sealed partition between driver's cab and load compartment or separate driver's cab).
** Transport of dangerous goods covered by CV36 (see above) only with appropriately equipped vehicles
3 yes yes flammable liquid substances


yes yes flammable solids, self-reactive substances, polymerising substances and desensitised substances
explosive solids
substances liable to spontaneous combustion
substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
yes yes substances with an inflammatory (oxidising) effect Organic peroxides
6.1 yes yes toxic substances
6.2 yes* yes* infectious substances
* only UN 3373 BIOLOGICAL SUBSTANCE, CATEGORY B, in packaging according to P650
8 yes yes corrosive substances
9 yes yes various dangerous substances and articles
LQ / EQ /
LIB ≤100Wh
yes yes Packages that are classified as
"Limited Quantities"-LQ (limited quantities),
"Excepted Quantities" -EQ, or as
Lithium-ion batteries ≤ 100 Wh (per battery) are partially exempted from ADR.
Additional label yes yes "Environmentally hazardous substance" may be marked on packages in conjunction with classes 1-9, in accordance with appropriate criteria.
criteria, may be affixed to packages

Important note!
The overview is only a rough summary. Released dangerous goods classes may additionally be subject to individual restrictions (exclusion of individual UN numbers). In case of doubt, please contact your local GO! station.