GO! Healthcare

The healthcare industry is fraught with enormous cost pressure and a shortage of trained staff. The pressures on physicians and nursing staff are rising and administrative work is mounting up; the time available for the actual patients is getting less and less. GO! can help relieve your staff and recognise where savings can be made.

All of our services are precisely tailored to your sector. We offer tailor-made logistics solutions and supply chain concepts that meet your particular requirements. These range from fast, on-time transport and warehousing solutions to our value added services, all the way to 24 / 7 emergency services for whenever something is needed urgently.

The following benefits apply to all of our healthcare solutions

  • short transit times and on-time deliveries by agreed deadlines
  • fast response times, flexible pick-up
  • delivery options – including on demand
  • save resources and storage space
  • relieve your staff of activities that don’t belong to their profession
  • ensure a seamless supply chain
  • fulfill all regulatory requirements
  • GDP compliance and quality management to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • joint planning, drawing-up, and implementation of logistics concepts
  • advice from personal consultants on site
  • years of expertise in healthcare
  • the very highest quality and safety standards with the lowest damage rates

Our Healthcare products