GO! Lab service

This is not a job for everybody. It requires trained and responsible couriers – and nothing less. These, after all, are sensitive shipments that have to be packaged in particular ways and belong only in the hands of carefully defined consignees.

The benefits

  • many years of experience in sample shipping
  • highly reliable for unrepeatable samples and similar
  • pick-up service: national + international pick-up and transport to a central laboratory
  • collection / delivery right to the place of use (in a hospital this can mean all the way to the laboratory instead of incoming goods), therefore simple, reliable, with less risk of loss in the event of transport within a business, by the quickest route, (pick-up straight after removal / delivery just before use)
  • Temperature control is also available using appropriate packaging solutions.
  • transport of UN 3373 Category B diagnostic samples in compliance with P650; we can provide the necessary packaging materials if required; trained staff for hazardous goods / ADR to assist you with matters of declaration, packaging and labeling

We do not transport infectious materials as defined in ADR.