Laboratory shipping?
GO! Lab Service

If the drop is particularly precious, this is not a task for everyone. With any laboratory samples, such as cord blood or smears, it is particularly important that they are transported reliably, safely and quickly.
Punctuality and reliability are paired with expertise and protection at GO! Our staff, drivers and couriers are qualified to transport dangerous goods and carry all the necessary documentation. So your sample shipment is in the best hands with us.

Your advantages

  • Many years of experience in shipping diagnostic samples
  • Reliable and flexible collection and delivery to locations specified by you or the sender, e.g. in the practice, central laboratory or hospital ward.
  • Transport of diagnostic samples UN 3373, category B, (WHO risk group 2 and 3) and of exempted samples (WHO risk group 1)
  • Transport in accordance with P 650; provision of appropriate packaging material on request; trained personnel in the area of hazardous goods / ADR to assist with questions regarding declaration, packaging and labelling.
  • Temperature control possible through appropriate packaging solution
  • GDP certificate of conformity and quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Specially trained personnel with regard to both the pharmaceutical and dangerous goods sectors according to ADR and IATA GDR
  • Years of expertise in cooperation with study and research centres
  • Regional, individual tour concepts for regular, recurring on-site shipment

The transport of infectious substances according to ADR is excluded.

The reliable and safe transport of samples is our top priority. Because they are unique and irretrievable, and damage or loss would have corresponding consequences. Be it, for example, important phases of clinical studies that are considerably endangered as a result, or if timely diagnostics would have to be omitted for the therapy of human or animal patients. Or imagine how high the cost of obtaining new samples from the patient would be.

We are aware of this high responsibility towards clients, patients and medical staff. Thanks to short turnaround times, even time-critical consignments are no problem.

Case study

In action for stem cell medicine. 

Stem cell research is one of the most innovative future fields of modern medicine today. The body's own stem cells can be taken from the umbilical cord blood shortly after birth and theoretically be stored for the donor for a lifetime.

The company eticur) has specialised in organising the collection, testing, processing and storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells and works closely with the stem cell bank of the University Hospital Erlangen. For the express shipment of the more than 3,500 consignments per year, the company has relied on GO! Express & Logistics since 2005.

The body's own stem cells are particularly valuable because they do not cause any rejection reactions. Immediately after the cord is cut, the blood can be taken from the umbilical cord, the stem cells contained in it can be stored for a lifetime and - as has already been scientifically proven today - can be used to treat various cancers or early childhood brain damage. This is why many prenatal doctors and gynaecologists now recommend that parents-to-be use a high-quality provider such as eticur) for stem cell storage. The company, founded in 2004, offers both the collection of stem cells for autologous use (private storage for one's own child) and for allogeneic use (public donation for the general public).

The service of eticur) for expectant parents ranges from the pick-up and transport of the blood to the testing and preparation of the cells to the storage during the first 25 years of the child's life. The process is very simple, uncomplicated and without risk: after the newborn has been weaned, the doctor collects the umbilical cord blood and sends it in the collection box specially developed by eticur) directly to the clinic of the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, where the stem cells are professionally processed and stored for the long term.

High quality, careful and absolutely flexible - these are the qualities that convince us in our cooperation with GO! We have our direct contact person at the station, our paths are short and very personal. Together we have developed an optimally designed logistics concept. eticur) has built up a great deal of trust and can always rely on the high-quality service provided by GO!

Felix Raslag, Managing Director of eticur)