Our company - our network

GO! That also means focused commitment. For our customers and our company. The development is correspondingly rapid: in 1984 we started as a "Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kurierdienste". A foundation of experienced city couriers. Today we are many steps ahead - and Europe's largest independent provider of express and courier services.

In Hesse, Niederaula is our main sorting centre and thus the central hub of the GO! system. The area is correspondingly large - 30,000m² with over 7,600 m² just for logistics and state-of-the-art technology. Thus we are optimally equipped, also for your requirements.

Furthermore, we invest in further locations and regional HUBs. In this way, GO! enables short, resource-saving transport routes and fast processing times.

Flexibility, quality, reliability and efficiency: the four pillars that we harmonize every day. To achieve this, it is essential to ensure that line haul and sorting planning in all HUBs and the available resources (transport capacities and personnel) are optimally interlinked.

More than 300 line hauls supply the nationwide network of over 60 stations in Germany and approx. another 40 stations in the neighbouring countries. For our customers this means: logistical supply with very short transit times.

To further optimise this, we are constantly investing in our infrastructure: In Europe, GO! has its own national subsidiaries in Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland. Other neighbouring countries, including Belgium, Great Britain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovenia and Hungary, are covered with fixed cooperation partners.

  • more than 7,600 m² production area and storage rooms
  • 127 gates, thereof 10 truck gates
  • 1,637 meters of conveyor belt system with:
    • 68 Lides
    • 4 sliding shoe sorter
    • 14 Telescopic unloading belts

Night after night: sorting capacity of 10,500               Colli per hour on the 30,000 m² site