Take advantage of a modern GO! warehouse in Prague in close proximity to PRG airport
700 pallet places, 900 m2 and strategic location for fast and convenient distribution.

    Main storage attributes within the GO! WAREHOUSE

Everything is in place and our team is happy to inform you about it as part of regular KPI reports.

Regular reporting including timed photo documentation of stored goods is part of the storage of important or valuable goods.

High Value Zone
Our warehouse also includes a fenced zone for the most valuable goods with a camera system and a guest book.

Customs warehouse
There is a GO! Express & Logistics area declared as a temporary customs warehouse for all shipments in the customs proceedure.

Does the customer also require a basic product assembly? In combination with our distribution solution, you can distribute the entire product directly to the customer.

Cross dock
Is one part of your product from England and the other from Poland? Not a problem. Consolidation and deconsolidation is a matter of course for us.

Re-packaging Services
In addition to assembly, we can of course pack it ourselves, repack it and unpack it ourselves when we stock your goods.

Emergency stock
Do you need to repeatedly deliver some important spare parts? We will prepare an emergency warehouse for you and deliver or hand over to your technician on request.


We will represent you in customs proceedings and offer comprehensive logistics solutions and express transport. We are the largest independent provider of courier services in Europe.

We will be happy to help you set up your services.