High-tech logistics? GO! Hightech

Rapid product development, fast market launches, fluctuating demand - in the fast-moving high-tech market, not only innovative strength is required, but also responsiveness and flexibility. GO! supports you with maximally flexible logistics solutions that help you reach your markets quickly and reliably. From exact deadline deliveries to customised spare parts and repair logistics to 24 / 7 emergency services.

  • Overnight services and scheduled deliveries
  • Exchange Services and Technical Couriers
  • Spare parts and repair logistics
  • Equipment logistics including commissioning
  • High availability logistics including warehousing
  • 24 / 7 emergency services 365 days a year
  • Product-specific load securing
  • Packaging services including return transport and disposal

Your advantages

  • Short transit times and punctual deliveries on the agreed date
  • Fast response times and flexible collection
  • A wide range of delivery options - also on demand
  • Saving resources and storage space
  • Ensuring a seamless supply chain
  • Joint planning, creation and implementation of logistics concepts
  • On-site advice from a personal contact person
  • Highest quality and safety standards

It sounds trivial, but it is actually a challenge to deliver large quantities to the right place on time. Especially when our technology is used at events, we depend on punctuality and reliable delivery. That's why we can't afford to skimp on reliable delivery in our planning.

Ludmilla Braun, Sprecherin von fonlos e. K.

Secure time-critical delivery and storage at all times

Our customer, a service provider for the high-tech‑ industry, supplies customers and technicians across Europe with spare parts for a wide range of industries - from medical technology to telecommunications - as part of a holistic supply chain solution. A crucial part of this: GO! In 23 GO! stations, customer-specific emergency warehouses have been set up for the supply of spare parts. In addition to permanent availability, the decisive factor is, of course, the fastest possible delivery. In this case 2,000 ‑ times a month - nationwide. This was only possible thanks to the particularly flexible GO! on-call service and close communication with the customer.
The result: within 120 minutes of receiving the order, the right spare part is delivered throughout Germany. The customer or directly the service technician has the spare part in his hands. No matter on which day and at which time the spare part was requested. If a defective device is reported to the GO! customer's service centre, an order is automatically sent to its central spare parts warehouse. The warehouse informs one of the GO! high availability depots from where the spare part is sent by a GO! courier on the fastest route to the customer or to the responsible service technician.