GO! Courier

GO! City

GO! City is all about local services. From courier services in the city to post box emptying or branch deliveries, GO! ensures smooth transportation. Urgent documents reach their destination on time via courier.


  • local and personal services tailored to you
  • shortest transport times thanks to rapid order procurement and fast transportation – both in the city and surrounding areas
  • bicycle couriers, cars or vans – we choose the appropriate mode of transport for the particular situation for your ad hoc order
  • standing orders for post box emptying, multilocation company mail services, branch deliveries and much more
  • central storage locations for high-performance supply chain solutions: maximum availability with immediate processing and demand-based picking
  • we’re here for you around the clock: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

GO! Direct

With no detours and in the shortest time possible, we deliver your shipment from door to door, even across longer distances. Of course the direct route is also the most secure: the shipment remains with the courier throughout.


  • nationwide services individually tailored to you
  • direct transport at an individual time
  • no further transfers of liability
  • increased safety against loss, damage etc.

GO! Same Day

For your urgent orders and deliveries on the same day, we always choose the fastest possible means, with the help of flight and train connections.


  • fastest possible delivery of your consignment, usually on the same day as dispatch
  • independent of network times: we choose the best means of transport according to your specific needs
  • not a moment wasted with the order process: we will promptly send you a quote outlining the times and costs
  • optimal cost-effectiveness thanks to the use of regular scheduled connections

GO! Exclusive

We are happy to take on all types of round trips for you - whether regular post office box emptying, intralogistics, recurring delivery tours or same-day deliveries. The transport on factory / company premises, hospitals / clinics with several buildings / departments etc. distributed over the city), (e.g. deliveries shop - customer).

GO! On-Board-Courier

A courier accompanies the consignment - with suitable packages, he even carries the consignment as hand luggage. The permanently assigned employee ensures seamless communication and reduces the number of interfaces. The processing is accelerated once again, in the event of deviations (e.g. cancellation of a connection) can be reacted immediately. Fast transport processing with a plus in security.

GO! Air Charter

No suitable scheduled service for your urgent and high-quality shipment?  Very special shipping requirements for the transported goods? Then we charter a direct flight for you! The exclusive shipping solution tailored to your requirements!