The key data of our success

The secret to our success lies in the beginnings of GO! Founded in 1984 as a consortium of courier services, today GO! is the medium-sized quality leader in the CEP sector in Germany. The idea of networking has determined our business activities from the very beginning.

The individual GO! Stations work to a large extent independently and thus have the necessary resources to respond flexibly to local conditions on site and the individual needs of their customers. The GO! Head Office in Bonn coordinates the processes in the extensive network and ensures compliance with uniformly high quality standards. The central sorting centre in Niederaula, Hessen, is the link between all stations and the lifeblood of the GO! system. IT serves as a collection centre and hub for all shipments that are not handled via one of the regional hubs. In the HUBs, the shipments are sorted and loaded according to the respective destination station.



Foundation of the working group of German courier services. The association offers overnight deliveries via the express network of Deutsche Bahn or in air traffic from and to Berlin.


Renamed to Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kurierdienste (ADK)


Establishment of an own line haul system


ADK becomes GO! General Overnight.


The launch of GO! Austria is the first step towards the internationalisation of the GO! brand


Opening of the first GO! HUB in Neuenstein


Renaming of the holding company to GO! General Overnight


International network expansion: GO! Luxembourg is founded and GO! Czech Republic with headquarters in Prague is launched.


International cooperation - cooperation with international partners, launch of Kassel - London airline, EU expansion to the east, HUB expansion


Advancing internationalisation: launch of GO! Poland with headquarters in Warsaw


Expansion of the European GO! system with the launch of GO! Switzerland


Start of construction of the new HUB in Niederaula

In the first construction phase an approx. 3,500 m² large handling hall with shoe sorting technology is being built


The new GO! HUB in Niederaula starts operations


Foundation of the new GO! Austria and integration of the new partners in Salzburg, Graz and Vienna


Change of name to GO! Express & Logistics


Focus on internationalisation: Expansion of the Central European network in Poland with the Katowice location and development of the Same-Day area in the Czech Republic


Ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of the HUB in Niederaula

Network expansion: Opening of GO! Slovakia with the location Bratislava


Launch of the HUB extension


35-year jubilee


More than 8 million parcels transported for the first time


More than 9,2 million parcels transported for the first time


More than 9,7 million parcels transported for the first time


More than 10 million parcels transported for the first time