GO! Supply chain

Supply chain makes sense – when everything we manage in yours fits perfectly into your overall process. That’s why optimum coordination and agreement is essential. And this applies to all of our supply chain services: from roll-out / roll-back services to high-availability logistics, to technical couriers.

As a customer, you’ll also benefit from a wide range of fulfillment services such as warehousing and distribution. The benefits for our business partners are obvious and include significantly more efficient processes, cost reduction, and a higher level of customer service. In other words: added value that gives you a clear competitive edge.

GO! Roll-out / roll-back services

We can take care of the delivery of technical equipment including configuration and technical installation on site. We can replace old and defective equipment, and even coordinate repair services with you if required.

GO! High-availability logistics

Our network of high-availability warehouses is to be found everywhere. This guarantees dependable emergency supplies throughout our network. We can supply your goods and spare parts around the clock, very quickly, and at any location, saving you expensive downtime.

Medical technology, high-tech industry, automotive parts suppliers – we’re sure to have the right solution for you. And if we don’t, we will develop one for you – customised for your needs.

The benefits:

  • ensure permanent product availability
  • emergency supply throughout our network
  • 24 / 7 service availability, 365 days a year
  • complete coverage network of emergency warehouses
  • draw up high-availability concepts
  • comprehensive location analysis to achieve optimum cost-performance ratio
  • installation, repair, and service work on site
  • proactive delivery reports
  • custom warehousing options
  • Orders can be received late in the day.
  • late cut-off times, such as midnight as standard at the central HUB
  • nationwide delivery within 2 or 4 hours
  • reduced warehouse inventory and space
  • reduced cost, because less capital is tied up

 GO! Warehousing service

We provide special warehousing areas for the storage of your goods. And we can manage your merchandise as well. You will enjoy full service from a single provider – from incoming goods control to quality assessment, warehousing, inventory, and commissioning, all the way to on-time delivery.

The benefits:

  • save your own resources, such as warehouse inventory and space, and staff
  • compensate for peaks and seasonal fluctuations
  • costs relate to each order
  • complete coverage network of emergency warehouses to ensure permanent product availability
  • avoid expensive downtime
  • comprehensive location analysis to achieve optimum cost-performance ratio
  • custom warehousing options
  • Orders can be received late in the day.
  • direct feed-in and shipping via our own network
  • extra-late cut-off times, such as midnight as standard at the central HUB
  • 24 / 7 service availability, 365 days a year

The type of storage depends on the type and structure of your goods

  • block storage: stackable boxes, crates, and pallets are placed directly on top of or next to one another in blocks, without shelving or other facilities
  • floor storage: storing directly on the floor
  • compartmentalised shelving: storage on shelves
  • pallet racking: similar to compartmentalised shelving but without shelves, and with support beams
  • Warehouse can be homogenous for single items or batches, depending on your requirements (for instance: a pallet can contain one or more units of one item / non-homogenous: load carriers containing several different items).
  • special storage requirements for temperature-regulated goods and hazardous goods

GO! Technical courier

Technical support often has to be provided on site. Our specially trained couriers perform professional installation, repair, and service work: from replacing defective components, all the way to a complete plug-and-play service – including technical instruction on operating equipment.

The benefits:

  • transport and technical service from a single provider – no need to coordinate between courier and technician
  • set up, dismantle, swap, and repair equipment on site
  • fast handling for time-critical processes
  • efficient returns management for material and recyclable packaging
  • trained couriers to provide services reliably
  • appropriate documentation, launching, test runs, staff instruction, and disposal of packaging materials
  • save on service staff, travelling expenses, and allowances for suitable activities
  • We carry the necessary tools and other resources with us.
  • ensure flexibility and sufficient capacity, including during peaks and seasonal fluctuations
  • numerous additional services relating to transport and warehousing, all the wayto high-availability logistics