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Bonn, 4th October 2018. There is now an established demand for continuous availability in many areas of daily life. In many industries, such as high-tech, automotive, IT, pharmaceuticals and medical technology, services are needed around the clock. The manufacturing industry in particular is involved in closely interlinked supply chain structures where no downtime is permitted. In maintaining these processes, logistics service providers play an increasingly important role in meeting the growing demands of customers. GO! offers tailored highavailability concepts for its customers and thus ensures constant product availability of the stored goods.

Emergency storage enables rapid response times

With over 100 stations, GO! has a comprehensive network of highavailability storage facilities which enables it to ensure emergency supply nationwide. As a specialist in high-availability logistics, the CEP service provider supplies the necessary replacement parts within a timeframe of one, two or four hours, depending on customer requirements. The storage locations are determined by means of a comprehensive site analysis based on the SLA times required in order to achieve an optimal cost-performance ratio. In addition to delivering the goods, specially trained technical couriers also unpack the goods, replace defective parts, perform professional installation, repair or service work directly on site, and dispose of packaging material. Tailored high-availability concepts according to customer requirements prevent long downtime and ensure rapid restoration of operational readiness. ‘This partnership and the reliable service quality of GO! are the basis for the success of our concepts. Our goal is therefore to offer this business model to additional customers,’ explains Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH.

Central storage in HUB in Niederaula

With the expansion of the central main transshipment centre in Niederaula, there is now a new storage area in addition to the emergency storage facilities at the stations, which offers a further benefit for customers. Thanks to extra late cut-off times, orders can be received until midnight. GO! also offers full service from a single source: from checking incoming goods to quality inspection, picking and storage, to timely dispatch, through to delivery to the recipient.


GO! Express & Logistics is Germany’s largest unaffiliated provider of express and courier services. The worldwide partner network was established in 1984 and currently includes over 100 GO! stations in Germany and Europe. Highly qualified employees and couriers transport more than 7 million shipments per year.

GO! offers regional courier transportation and global express shipping of goods, documents and especially time - critical shipments 365 days a year and around the clock. Its services also include tailored supply chain solutions, sector-specific industry solutions and special services in response to complex customer requirements.

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