Fresh prawns from Bavaria cause a stir in the food world with GO!

  • Thanks to a reliable fresh food logistics solution, the Bavarian prawns are never frozen
  • The GO! network enables the planned expansion of the Munich-based start-up into neighbouring countries


Bonn, 9 November 2017. Since Crusta Nova was founded in March 2016, GO! has served as its logistics partner, supplying fresh saltwater prawns from Bavaria to food lovers and top chefs throughout Germany. In contrast to the prawns typically available in Germany, Good Gambas from Europe’s largest indoor prawn aquaculture system are not frozen for transportation, so they retain their original, sweet, nutty flavour.


Sven Sparr (sales manager GO! München), Fabian Riedel (CEO CrustaNova GmbH), Mesut Kaya (GO! courier), Florian Kickingereder (sales staff GO! München)

Picture: Simon Mendel

Caught yesterday, served today

The young company from Munich follows a farm-to-table concept, which is one of a kind in Europe. Customers have until 3 p.m. to place their orders. The crustaceans are then caught and packaged in cooled transportation boxes. GO! Express & Logistics guarantees delivery of the product to commercial centres by 10 a.m. on the following day and to anywhere in Germany by 12 p.m. ‘In choosing a service provider, reliability and flexibility were very important to us, as well as that the transportation boxes be handled with care,’ explains Fabian Riedel, co-founder and managing director of Crusta Nova. ‘Thanks to the high level of professionalism of GO!, we have never had any returns or complaints due to undelivered or damaged goods. This enables us to focus 100 per cent on our core business activities,’ Riedel adds.

Demand for regional products is growing

The secret to the company’s success is a closed, computer-controlled breeding system which ensures optimal living conditions for white tiger saltwater prawns. The closed structure of the system protects the crustaceans from any damaging external influences. The breeding system also has no damaging effects on the environment, as the water is cleaned purely mechanically and biologically without the use of chemicals and is then resupplied to the circulation system. This prevents the types of environmental impact associated with conventional aquaculture systems.

The aquaculture system has a capacity of 30 tonnes per year, and demand for crustaceans is growing across Europe. ‘Thanks to our extensive experience in logistics solutions for fresh products, we are ideally positioned to fulfil the special requirements in this gourmet segment,’ explains Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH. ‘Our quality standards guarantee that the product reaches its destination on time on the following day. Our delivery rate of 99.8 per cent for such a sensitive product is also a positive for all involved,’ Nolte adds.

The Bavarian prawn satisfies a growing demand for premium products. Crusta Nova is therefore planning to start supplying customers in the Benelux countries with the same promise of high quality soon. Thanks to its network of over 100 stations throughout Europe, GO! will guarantee the same high level of reliability in this region.

About GO! Express & Logistics

GO! Express & Logistics is Europe’s largest independent provider of express and courier services. The global partner network was established in 1984 and currently comprises over 100 GO! stations in Europe. Around 1,400 employees and 1,700 drivers and couriers work every day to enable the transport of more than 8 shipments per year (2020)

Under the motto “beyond limits”, GO! off ers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics solutions ranging from regional courier transportation and global express shipping of goods, documents and extremely time-critical consignments to sensitive shipments or complex customer require-ments. Its services also include tailored supply chain solutions and extensive value-added servic-es 365 days a year and around the clock.

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