CEP Study 2023 published

The BIEK CEP study has been around for almost 20 years now and once again it shows the importance of the courier, express and parcel (CEP) industry for society as a whole in 2022.

Even in turbulent times, the parcel industry has reliably delivered to commercial and private recipients and, with around 4.2 billion shipments transported in 2022, has clearly exceeded the pre-Corona level with an increase of 14 percent.

However, the exceptionally strong growth in the CEP market in recent years is coming to an end. Compared to the high starting level in 2021, the market is declining in 2022 (-7.9 percent). These and many other results are provided by the CEP Study 2023, which was presented by the Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik (BIEK) in Berlin on 13 June 2023.



f. l. t. r. Maxi Sarwas (moderator), Marten Bosselmann (Chairman, Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik), Dr. Klaus Esser (author of the CEP Study 2023, KE-CONSULT Kurte&Esser GbR); Photographer: Wolfgang Borrs


Source: https://www.biek.de/presse/meldung/kep-studie-2023.html, last accessed on 13 June 2023, 1.13 p.m.