On the agenda: diversity.

In 2020, according to the BIEK CEP study, the volume of consignments increased by ten percent to 4.05 billion consignments: The trend continues, the CEP market is booming. However, the continuing growth is also associated with an increase in a wide variety of logistics requirements. Tina Baerecke, authorised signatory of GO! Express & Logistics Deutschland GmbH, explains why diversity is an important basis for high-quality logistics services.

What do you mean by diversity?
Diversity is currently an important social topic, albeit primarily with a different background. The discourse about it shows: diversity is an enrichment. And from our point of view, it is an important driver for success. Our employees reflect the diversity of our society in small ways. This versatility - be it basic logistics training, know-how from other industries or life experience - comes together across national borders and locations and complements each other. Everyone can contribute their strengths and thus contribute to the common success - at GO!, by the way, this is a maxim that we have anchored in our mission statement for many years.

What is the difference between GO! and other CEP service providers?
GO! also stands for tailor-made logistics services - diversity is the name of the game. In order to find a suitable solution for every challenge, we need a wide range of competences. The more diverse our personnel, the better and faster we can react - which is a decisive factor for satisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction through diversity. How can you imagine that?
In several ways: GO! offers a wide range of customisable logistics services. This means that the degree of standardisation of our logistics processes is based on the ability to integrate them into the respective customer processes. In other words: We produce a diverse offering by tailoring our logistics solutions to the respective customer needs.

But diversity within the company itself also becomes an important factor: at GO! people of all ages, origins and genders work closely together. Everyone contributes their personal expertise and their own ideas. We are all united by a passion for logistics and the ambition to realise even unusual requirements. Diversity is therefore an important asset for maximum customer satisfaction.

The human factor is therefore an important cornerstone for the GO! company. What role does digitalisation play then?
A not insignificant one. Digitalisation supports the work of our employees, drivers and couriers. And it also serves improved processes. Optimising our route planning, for example, and carrying relevant consignment information throughout the transport process, would be inconceivable without digitalisation. As is often the case, it's the mix that makes the difference: for us, it's the mix of personal service and digital offerings.