GO! Animal transport

The transportation of live animals is one of the most challenging tasks facing a logistics company. In addition to specific approved processes, highly qualified staff are also required here. These are the kinds of pros that are by your side with GO! From the first call to arrival at the destination.


  • fastest transport times for the well-being of your animals: pick-up in the evening, delivered in the morning
  • comprehensively trained staff with the necessary expertise
  • proactive feedback in the case of obstacles to delivery for careful coordination of further procedures
  • defined emergency plans and contact lists of responsible veterinary authorities, veterinaries and collection facilities for each station to ensure fastest possible introduction of appropriate measures in the case of unforeseen incidents
  • provision of replacement packaging in case of damage

These provisions ensure maximum protection of animals during transportation. GO! is, of course, approved in accordance with Regulation (EG) 1 / 2005 (regulation on the protection of animals during transport) and is subject to regulatory supervision.

We transport the following animals:


  • Reptiles: e.g. lizards, snakes
  • Amphibians: e.g. frogs, toads
  • Ornamental / aquarium fish: e.g. koi, goldfish


  • Cnidaria, e.g. corals, sea anemones
  • Molluscs, e.g. mussels, squid
  • Echinoderms, e.g. starfish, sea urchins
  • Hymenoptera, e.g. bees, bumblebees
  • Spider-like animals, e.g. spiders, scorpions
  • Worms, e.g. ringworm, clitellum

The following animals are subject to transport exclusion:

  • other vertebrates (especially mammals, birds / poultry and edible fish)
  • live foods
  • animals that are dangerous to humans due to their strength, venom or behaviour
  • animals subject to species protection