GO! Animal transport

Transporting living animals is among the most challenging tasks facing any logistics business. We take animal welfare seriously – which is why we don’t transport every kind of animal. You will find details about which ones we do carry on our website. This work requires specific, officially approved procedures as well as highly trained specialists. At GO! we work with such professionals, from the first call, all the way to delivery at your destination.

The Benefits:

  • very short transport times for the welfare of your animals: evening pick-up– delivered in the morning
  • comprehensively trained staff with the necessary expertise
  • proactive feedback in the event of delivery obstacles so that we can coordinate immediately on how to proceed
  • defined emergency plans and contact lists for the relevant veterinary authorities, veterinarians, and rescue organisations for each station so that we can take suitable steps as quickly as possible if anything unforeseen occurs
  • Replacement packaging is available in case of damage.

These precautions allow us to offer the highest possible level of protection for your animals during transport. And, of course, GO! is approved in compliance with Regulation (EC) 1 / 2005 (on the protection of animals during transport), and is therefore subject to official supervision.

We transport the following animals:


  • Reptiles: e.g. lizards, snakes
  • Amphibians: e.g. frogs, toads
  • Ornamental / aquarium fish: e.g. koi, goldfish


  • Cnidaria, e.g. corals, sea anemones
  • Molluscs, e.g. mussels, squid
  • Echinoderms, e.g. starfish, sea urchins
  • Hymenoptera, e.g. bees, bumblebees
  • Spider-like animals, e.g. spiders, scorpions
  • Worms, e.g. ringworm, clitellum

The following animals are subject to transport exclusion:

  • other vertebrates (especially mammals, birds / poultry and edible fish)
  • live foods
  • animals that are dangerous to humans due to their strength, venom or behaviour
  • animals subject to species protection

Note: The commissioning of animal transports is only possible by commercial clients.