Hospital logistics?
GO! Clinic logistics

The health care system is in a state of upheaval. This means that hospitals, their structures and their demands on external service providers, e.g. hospital logistics companies, are also changing.


Whether protective materials, sterile goods or all other necessary materials - the highest possible security of supply for the well-being of patients and the protection of employees is our priority.

Based on our healthcare expertise and experience, which has grown over decades, we are also available to you as consultants. We show you the prospects and profitability of future-oriented logistics concepts. And we also advise you in detail on all questions of feasibility.

Your advantages

  • Creation of logistics concepts taking into account your current and future requirements, incl. identification of savings potentials, outsourcing and centralisation / bundling
  • Taking over parts of the supply chain such as warehousing, first and last mile, for example within the hospital complex, laboratory and R&D logistics
  • Taking on logistics-related tasks such as shelf services, returns services, personal handover and identity checks
  • Fulfilment of and compliance with necessary regulatory requirements such as GDP and relevant legal provisions, incl. coordinated training of our couriers

Case study:

Highly flexible delivery of medically indicated foodstuffs

Maximum possible flexibility is one of the basic requirements to be met in express and courier shipping. How flexible the individual service provider really is is shown, for example, by the handling of high shipment volumes, combined with a wide variety of delivery times and locations as well as additional services. Or to put it more succinctly: the degree of flexibility that GO! displays for a producer of medical nutrition.

The GO! customer, a traditional company and at the same time a pioneer of so-called enteral nutrition, i.e. tube feeding, delivers the corresponding consignments itself to the GO! Central HUB.

From here, GO! takes over and distributes the vital content to the places of use in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The volume is 200,000 items per year. Deliveries are generally made from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. Depending on the customer's wishes or requirements, the delivery period can be narrowed down to mornings, afternoons or even Saturdays. Also the consignee groups vary greatly: they include hospital wards, care facilities and private addresses in the homecare sector. In addition, GO! takes on logistics-related tasks. Tasks such as Shelf Services. Another aspect that shows the typical flexibility are the numerous additional bookable Services, including advice by telephone before the courier's arrival, take-away and disposal of the outer packaging, packaging of the goods on pick-up, storage permit, return and Shipment destruction.