The UK ceased to be a member of the EU on 1 January 2021. This means that from this date onwards, all shipments of goods to and from the UK - regardless of the value of the goods - will have to be treated for customs and tax purposes.

We are happy to help you ensure smooth cross-border transportation, getting your shipments to their destination safely, quickly and reliably.

We ensure this by continuously adapting our IT infrastructure to new circumstances. For example, we provide an enhanced customer portal solution for possible customs clearance, grant direct access to shipments as part of group-independent shipping solutions, and use our expertise to provide the documents required for customs clearance. This makes it possible to achieve an optimized and runtime-oriented customs clearance as well as to provide many personal contact persons to support you at any time, also in case of possible new customs-relevant processes.

For all questions, please contact your local GO! station, available free of charge at 0800 / 859 99 99.