GO! delivers high-quality meat to customers overnight

  • Picked up in the evening, delivered by 10 a.m. the next morning
  • Sustainable, reusable packaging
  • No returns and zero complaints


Bonn, 4th April 2018. EinStückLand is a young company from northern Germany, which has established itself in the premium online meat provider market with its concept of sustainable animal farming. Galloway cattle, originating from regional agricultural partner enterprises, are only slaughtered once all meat packages have been sold online. This is a guarantee of absolute freshness. Customers looking to try out this high-quality meat product for themselves receive the premium culinary products directly via overnight delivery from GO! Express & Logistics, promptly and fresh on the following day. The consignments are picked up in the evening by GO! and are delivered to customers in economic centres by 10 a.m. on the following day, or anywhere in Germany by 12 p.m.

Slaughtered only after all meat packages have been sold

Hinrich Carstensen and his partner Lina Kypke have established a marketplace for quality-conscious customers and farmers. The Hamburg-based company puts together meat packages from Galloway cattle, which were ordered online in advance via the online shop. In the case of ‘cowfunding’, all parts of the animal are first completely sold in packages before the animal is slaughtered. This ensures that no piece of the animal is wasted. The packages contain approximately 6.5 kg of various cuts of meat, such as fillet, roulade and goulash, and now also beef salami and stock.

Ordered online, sustainably packaged and reliably delivered

No styrofoam is used in the packaging. The shipping boxes for the meat packages are lined with pressed straw on the inside. This insulates as effectively as plastic, but can simply be disposed of in compost heaps after use or alternatively used as winter protection for balcony plants. Cooling is exclusively carried out using frozen water in pouches, which can simply be disposed of down the drain following transportation. The pouches can be reused by the customer. In the case of food transportation, delivery is a key quality driver. It is particularly important here that delivery is carried out in a reliable and responsible manner. This reduces the transportation of precious packages to a minimum timeframe. “We are pleased that EinStückLand chose us as its express service provider from the very beginning,” says Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH. “There have been no returns or complaints with deliveries to date. “We want to maintain this commitment to quality in the future. After all, this is our core business,” Nolte adds.


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