CEP Study 2020: CEP services indispensable for supply, system relevant in the crisis

Bonn, 17 June 2020: The current analysis of the Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik e. V. (BIEK) proves: The CEP sector in Germany continued its growth course last year. The volume of shipments in the entire courier, express and parcel (CEP) market in Germany reached a new record in 2019: it rose to 3.65 billion shipments. Each delivery day, around 7 million recipients in Germany received more than 12 million items.

Turnover in the CEP market climbed to 21.3 billion euros last year. In 2019, the companies had a total of 244,600 employees, 6,000 more than in 2018.

The study also ventures to estimate the possible effects of the corona shock - and shows that the CEP shipment volume may rise to around 4.5 billion shipments by 2024 despite the pandemic.

CEP services are essential for the commercial economy

This year's CEP study shows, among other things, on the basis of an analysis of the major cities of Hamburg and Cologne, that the significance of CEP services for the commercial economy (B2B) is enormous. CEP service providers secure supply chains, supply companies with goods and merchandise and ensure cost savings, market expansion and positive effects on turnover. Around 60% of commercial branches in Germany use CEP services on a daily basis. B2B shipments accounted for around 44% of all CEP shipments in 2019, which corresponds to 1.6 billion transported B2B shipments.

Marten Bosselmann, Chairman of BIEK, explains: "The public discussion about sustainable urban logistics concepts can sometimes give the impression that CEP services would benefit private households in particular. This ignores the fact that they are essential for the economy in cities and conurbations. CEP services reliably supply trade, industry, commerce, crafts and service companies with urgently needed goods and commodities. This underpins the systemic relevance of the CEP sector, especially in times of crisis such as the Corona pandemic".

Corona shows: CEP services are systemically relevant

The CEP market is significantly affected by the consequences of the Corona shock, although the impact varies considerably between market segments. While the volume of shipments to end consumers (B2C) in April reached the level of the pre-Christmas period, a significant decline in B2B shipment volume is expected due to the down economy.

Nevertheless, the study shows that the performance of the CEP companies as well as the accustomed good service quality will be maintained and the protection of employees is a top priority. "The Corona crisis shows that CEP services can be relied on. What's more, they are indispensable for secure supply in the country and are therefore systemically relevant. This applies to hospitals and laboratories as well as to end consumers and the economy as a whole," says Marten Bosselmann.

Source: https://www.biek.de/presse/meldung/kep-studie-2020.html, accessed on 22nd June 2020, 11.19 a.m.

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