TOP 1 % of German employers!

TOP 1 % of German employers!

How do you recognise an outstanding employer, a recently published study asked. Of course, one could say that it depends on the perspective. But this study did not just look at companies from one perspective, but holistically - whether job security, working conditions, understanding of values, employee satisfaction, health management, image or HR expertise.

We are part of this exclusive circle and belong to the LEADING EMPLOYERS 2021, the TOP 1 % of German employers!

How did we achieve this? Since our founding, it has been important to us to support our employees professionally and personally, to train and develop them, and to enable them to have flat hierarchies, short coordination paths and a high level of personal responsibility. In addition, we want to treat them as equals and offer them a broad and varied range of tasks.  

Incidentally, the current data of the LEADING EMPLOYERS 2021 study originate from the period from June to September 2020. All publicly available data at that time have been recorded for all sources. For about half of all sources, historical data is available in addition to current data (this is a standard of the study). On average across all sources, the data is available for around 5 years in each case.

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