Brendel comes third at the finals in Berlin

The three-time Olympic gold medallist Sebastian Brendel won bronze at the German World Championships on 4 August in the C1 event over 160 metres. In an exciting one-on-one battle, the Canoe King was beaten by his teammate Jan Vandrey, who then went on to beat Peter Kretschmer from Leipzig.

The Finals Berlin 2019 encompassed championships in ten disciplines and took place on 3 and 4 August in the sport-loving city.

GO! Express & Logistics is Sebastian Brendel’s main sponsor. Last year, Brendel won his fourth World Championship gold medal, making history in the 1,000-metres C1 in Portugal. He has a superb track record, having won gold three times at the Olympics and taken home numerous World Championship medals.

Many congratulations and continued success to him.