Industry champion with outstanding price / performance ratio

Who has the most satisfied customers? And why?
These questions were investigated by the German Society for Consumer Studies in October 2020. In a major nationwide B2B ranking, decision-makers in middle and top management were asked to rate their satisfaction with companies. More than 220,000 judgements on a total of 1,370 companies, compiled on the basis of independent research, were evaluated.

Across all sectors, the companies in the top 20 percent were awarded "Outstanding". In addition, an "Industry Champion" was chosen in 100 industries.

We are pleased to be the industry champion with the most outstanding "price/performance ratio" in the express courier sector. According to the opinion of the respondents, our performance is in proportion to the price demanded.

Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien mbH,, last accessed on 16 February 2021, 11.03 a.m.