Successful shipping of fireworks thanks to logistical precision

Bonn, 21 January 2016. This year, GO! Express & Logistics was once again able to record a successful season of shipping fireworks. The express and logistics service provider managed the on-time delivery of over 300 tonnes of fireworks across Germany. And, once again, an increase of more than 15% in total shipping volume was achieved. As a long-time partner to online fireworks dealers, GO! is responsible for delivering – as well as returning – fireworks to private households.

In Germany, fixed sales and delivery of class II fireworks to private individuals is permitted from 29 to 31 December in accordance with the current legal regulations. Fireworks deliveries in 2015 came with the added difficulty that the time for the sorting process was significantly reduced due to the Christmas holiday. GO! was able to overcome this hurdle, whilst maintaining the same level of quality and without affecting its normal business.

Stable delivery rate with increasing shipping volume

A total of 228 tonnes of fireworks were processed through the hub in Niederaula during the fireworks shipping season. Sorting the remaining shipments took place at the regional locations in Osnabrück, Koblenz, Chemnitz, Nuremberg and Berlin. The final step in the fireworks shipping process was the delivery of the shipments to the recipients. In accordance with the regulations for the shipment of fireworks, undeliverable packages are always sent directly back to the dealer. For transporting the fireworks, GO! only uses drivers who have gone through special training for dangerous goods. ‘Thanks to our specially trained couriers and employees as well as efficient planning, we were able to maintain our very stable delivery rate of 99% for this year across the entire GO! system. We are thrilled about the successful fireworks shipments and head into 2016 with a positive outlook,’ confirms Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics Deutschland. Over the past few years, GO! has been able to consistently increase its business – both during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays as well as during the rest of the year.

About GO! Express & Logistics

GO! Express & Logistics is Europe’s largest independent provider of express and courier services. The global partner network was established in 1984 and currently comprises over 100 GO! stations in Europe. Around 1,400 employees and 1,700 drivers and couriers work every day to enable the transport of more than 9.7 shipments per year (2022).

Under the motto “beyond limits”, GO! offers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics solutions ranging from regional courier transportation and global express shipping of goods, documents and extremely time-critical consignments to sensitive shipments or complex customer requirements. Its services also include tailored supply chain solutions and extensive value-added services 365 days a year and around the clock.

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