Price adjustment at GO! Express & Logistics

GO! Express & Logistics is increasing its prices by an average of 4.9 per cent from 1 February 2022 onwards. This affects domestic and international prices, as well as those for additional services. “We are therefore reacting to the significant price increases in a wide range of relevant sectors, such as real estate and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, by taking action on prices, we wish to ensure our ability to invest”, says Ulrich Nolte, CEO of GO! Germany. In order to provide its customers the high level of quality they are accustomed to receiving, the Bonn-based express delivery and courier service provider is investing comprehensively in its own network, its digital infrastructure as well as in human resources. In this respect, the company is acting with sustainability in mind. Enhanced transport processes and the digital infrastructure will therefore not just benefit customers, but ultimately the environment as well.

Infrastructure expansion - digital, rapid and sustainable
Expanding its infrastructure by enlarging sorting centres and locations, as well as continuously reviewing and adjusting its routes are enabling GO! to manage shipment logistics flows the smart way and to give its customers a considerable competitive advantage by optimising transit times. This is also enabling GO! to reduce route network kilometres covered per package and therefore contribute to environmental protection efforts.

Equally by investing extensively in its IT infrastructure and security, GO! is supporting the work done by its employees, drivers and couriers and improving digital services for its customers. These include local traffic and route optimisation, as well as enhancement of customer service levels through the provision of different web services.

As part of this overall package of measures, GO! is committed to striking a balance between cost-effective business operations and sustainable commercial management, and is developing viable solutions for sustainable logistics. These include, for example, expanding its fleet by adding alternatively powered vehicles and continuously implementing a sustainability programme for the entire GO! system.

Investing in professionals
The shortage of qualified professionals also continues to be a challenge. As a medium-sized business, GO! is generally under massive competitive pressure in trying to recruit suitable employees, drivers and couriers. Demographic change will definitely not cause the situation to improve in the next few years. In order to counteract this shortage of qualified professionals and meet increasing customer requirements as well, GO! is investing heavily in Human Resources. That includes recruitment and retention of employees as well as basic and advanced training.

About GO! Express & Logistics

GO! Express & Logistics is Europe’s largest independent provider of express and courier services. The global partner network was established in 1984 and currently comprises over 100 GO! stations in Europe. Around 1,400 employees and 1,700 drivers and couriers work every day to enable the transport of more than 9.7 shipments per year (2022).

Under the motto “beyond limits”, GO! offers a comprehensive portfolio of logistics solutions ranging from regional courier transportation and global express shipping of goods, documents and extremely time-critical consignments to sensitive shipments or complex customer requirements. Its services also include tailored supply chain solutions and extensive value-added services 365 days a year and around the clock.

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