New EU customs rules apply from 1 July 2021

New EU customs regulations apply from 1 July 2021

From 1 July 2021, an electronic import customs declaration must be made for every consignment of goods from a non-EU country. This means that the previous exemption for consignments up to a value of € 22.00 will no longer apply. For a value of up to € 150.00, however, the import will continue to be duty-free after 1 July 2021. Only import VAT of 7 or 19 % and excise duty must be paid.

The new provision applies to both B2C and B2B goods. Documentary consignments remain unaffected, but must be sent in DIN A4 envelopes. Furthermore, charges of less than € 1.00 will not be levied.

The following value limits apply from 1 July 2021

  • Material value of a consignment up to € 150.00: import turnover tax and excise duty
  • Material value of a consignment over € 150.00: customs duties, import turnover tax and excise duty

This is what GO! needs from you for a successful shipment

  • Detailed description of the goods, including value, weight and quantity
  • Address and contact details of the consignor, consignee and EORI number
  • HS codes and country of origin

Please also note that customs applications for clearance notices will be required as of 21 June 2021.

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