EinStückLand is a start-up company from northern Germany, which has established itself in the premium online meat provider market with its concept of sustainable animal farming. Scottish Galloway cattle from regional partner farms are slaughtered once all meat packages are sold and then shipped with GO!. This is a guarantee of absolute freshness.

On 20 November 2018, company founders Lina Krypke and Hinrich Carstensens struck a chord when they presented their business concept to the investors on the VOX show ‘Höhle der Löwen’ (Dragons’ Den). As the two founders presented their concept, the potential investors nodded their heads in agreement, taking a stance against factory farming and overproduction. Discounted meat, the dragons agreed, is not wanted by anybody. The young entrepreneurs impressed the dragons with a sensitive issue, a concept that strikes a modern chord and their sympathetic approach. Nevertheless, none of the investors was willing to accept the deal of a ten per cent stake in the company for €200,000. The dragons agreed that this valuation of the company was far too high based on current turnover.

No reason for the young entrepreneurs to hang their heads, however. They will continue on their path even without investment.

Customers looking to try out this high-quality meat product for themselves receive the premium culinary products directly via overnight delivery from GO! Express & Logistics, promptly and fresh on the following day. The consignments are picked up in the evening by GO! and are delivered to customers in economic centres by 10 a.m. on the following day, or anywhere in Germany by 12 p.m. The customer was sending out an average of two cattle per day prior to broadcast of the show.

The meat packages, salami and beef stock are available for order at www.einstueckland.de.

*Inventors and company founders bid for venture capital on the show to help grow their company. They present their innovative business concepts to the ‘dragons’ and offer them a stake in their company based on the company value determined (source:) Wikipedia).