GO! ensures reliable transportation of sensitive sperm donation consignments

  • Special nitrogen transport containers used,
  • Secure, documented delivery,
  • Strict regulations demand professional transport solutions


Bonn, 19 December 2018. GO! Express & Logistics transports sperm donations to the 130 approved fertility centres and medical practices in Germany on behalf of Cryobank Munich. This is carried out using special nitrogen containers which keep the sperm donations frozen at around -170°C.


Maximum professionalism and care with sperm donations

Many people in Germany are unable, or find it difficult, to have children. Almost one in ten couples in Germany between the ages of 25 and 59 who want to have children have been unable to do so.¹ Thanks to the latest advances in medicine, it is now possible to help over one third of all patients who want to have children to achieve pregnancy.²

GO! Express & Logistics has been transporting sperm donations for the cryobank in Munich since 2017. The institute was founded in 1983 and is approved by the Bavarian state government as a tissue establishment. It specialises in the preservation and storage of male sperm cells. Donors are selected in a careful, responsible manner for couples who need sperm donations to fulfil their dream of having a child. Another area of expertise involves personal donations, a preventive measure to ensure one’s fertility. The sperm is frozen in liquid nitrogen at temperatures of between -170°C and -196°C at Cryobank Munich. This procedure extends the lifespan of the donations by several years.

To transport the sensitive sperm cells in a professional and reliable manner,

GO! Express & Logistics uses special nitrogen containers which keep the sperm donations frozen at around -170°C during transportation to the 130 approved fertility centres and medical practices. Complete control is ensured by means of a temperature logger which documents the temperature in the special containers over a period of 96 hours. The temperature displayed is recorded and transmitted to Customer Service on delivery to document compliance with the correct temperature range at the location. After the sperm donations are removed, the cryogenic containers are returned to GO!, where the temperature data from the loggers is taken and recorded. They are then returned to the cryobank, where they can be reused.


Regulations demand professional transportation

Due to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements throughout the entire cryo-transfer process, transport has become an extremely important part of the process chain. ‘We are expecting an increase in consignment volumes. Thanks to our network of over 100 stations, GO! is able to ensure reliable transportation of special consignments in optimum quality,’ explains Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics Deutschland.


¹ Source: Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth:

² Source: Deutsches IVF-Register e.V.


About GO! Express & Logistics

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