Fair working conditions for subcontractors

The volume of parcels is growing continuously and with it the CEP sector. In order to be able to cope with the increasing demand for logistics, subcontractors are also used for delivery. The industry creates 9,000 to 10,000 new jobs every year.

It is essential that the companies operating here offer not only professional qualifications but also financial performance and reliability. And just as important is the social security of these parcel delivery workers.

GO! is committed to fair and socially acceptable standards. As part of our membership in the Bundesverband Paket und Expresslogistik (BIEK) (Federal Association of Parcel and Express Logistics), we have jointly initiated and developed the "PQ CEP" seal of approval.

This seal of quality is awarded by the independent testing organisation ZertBau GmbH, which tests important social standards in addition to the reliability of the contractual partners working for us. The prequalification of subcontractors is therefore an important aspect, along with other steps towards equal market access conditions for all suppliers.

Fair cooperation with both our customers and our contractual partners is very important to us, which is why we immediately initiated this testing procedure for our line network and completed it without any complaints for almost all subcontractors. Similarly, the customs checks carried out in the GO! System (verification of employment relationships / minimum wage law) have been positive throughout.

You can find out more about the seal of approval at https://www.zert-bau.de/kep.html.