Benefit from many years of experience with
GO! Med-tech

As an experienced express and courier service provider in medical technology, we have prepared ourselves well for the conditions so that everything is ready to hand for both emergencies and planned operations. We provide fast, reliable express transport and safe handling along your supply chain for all requested products, from medical instruments to pacemakers, implants and prostheses to examination and laboratory diagnostics.

An important aspect here: our integration into your operational processes - so that you can devote yourself to your actual tasks. Our spectrum of possibilities is wide and offers numerous value-added services: Because we have been working for numerous companies in the medical technology sector for many years. Because we are fully attuned to your specific requirements. And because we have trained employees and carry out regular quality audits. In short: simply because we can ship medical technology.

Your advantages

  • Delivery directly to the place of use: on the ward, at the operating theatre sluice etc.
  • Effective support for patients through services individually adapted to practice, hospital and homecare processes
  • Reduced expenses for administration and operating costs
  • lower inventory costs through exchange service and
  • Returns management: shortened turnaround times of reusable products, transport containers and medical devices
  • Ensuring permanent product and goods availability
  • Highest quality and safety standards with lowest damage rates
  • Nationwide network of emergency warehouses including individual storage options, nationwide emergency supply, possible within 2 or 4 hours

To date, we have had such good experience with GO! that we have almost no complaints about the shipments. Above all, the proactive messages in the event of delays caused by external influences such as the traffic situation make it much easier for us to organise and coordinate with the clinics.

Marco Woltmann, Logistics Manager of Silony Medical Europe GmbH

Case study:

Smoothly integrated into the operating process

Nothing in healthcare logistics demands more expertise than to deliver urgently requested, sometimes vital products by the specified deadline - to any place, at any time. This can only be achieved if logistics is optimally integrated into customer processes, concepts are a perfect fit and solutions are practicable. And last but not least: when both business partners know how good cooperation works.

An example: A GO! customer produces orthopaedic, surgical implants and instruments as well as medical equipment. The task is to supply hospitals throughout the EU with products from the portfolio of this market leader in the field of medical technology. Absolutely reliable, of course, especially in the case of patient-specific shipments for fixed-schedule operations: the patients are already prepared in the operating theatre. If there is a deviation from the actual planning, this has serious consequences for the entire procedure.

The challenge is therefore correspondingly great. Especially since more than 600 shipments are generated per month - delivered as needed within the scope of the Express (Overnight and Worldwide) services and as direct deliveries. In addition to GO!, the manufacturer itself contributes to the success of the demanding logistics project: The medical boxes are individually pre-packed and labelled by the manufacturer. Internal order and set numbers of the respective instruments make all shipments unique and thus clearly distinguishable and assignable. The boxes are available for pick-up at various GO! locations throughout Germany. Responsible GO! couriers meticulously match the number of pieces and set numbers in order to be able to rule out delays at an early stage. Delivery is on schedule. And thanks to the labelling, directly to the specified hospital ward.