Tanker or speedboat?

Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, publishes article for a logistics organisation with a strong European commitment

Is bigger always better? Do logistics giants as a general rule make the better CEP operators? And does this become particularly clear during peak seasons? For Ulrich Nolte, managing director of GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH, the latter is a question of detail. Thanks to its year-round 24 / 7 service, for example, GO! is optimally prepared for the autumn and Christmas season. But in his recent article for a “Club of Logistics” book, Ulrich Nolte is interested in the fundamental differences between “large-“ and “smaller-scale” providers – in other words, the correlation between company structures and the actual range of services offered. He comes to the conclusion that smaller companies can hold their own with the global generalists and what ultimately counts is a mix of standardised processes for the broad masses and individual, customized solutions.

Commitment for a positive image

The “Club of Logistics” is a trendsetter and representative for the logistics industry vis-à-vis politics and society. In addition to organising conferences, the Club relies on the commitment of its members to further enhance the image of the logistics industry. “Club of Logistics” member Ulrich Nolte’s written statements are one way in which he contributes to this image building. The most recent example: making the case for logistics specialists like GO! in a comparison between owner-run logistics providers and large corporations.

Objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses

This article carries weight for one reason in particular: GO! managing director Ulrich Nolte has amassed his 25 years of logistics experience in several different companies. These have included large tankers as well as agile speedboats. In short, he knows his way around more than one world of logistics. And the conclusions he draws from his analyses are like the GO! claim: beyond limits.

The book ‘Logistik - die unterschätzte Zukunftsindustrie’ (Logistics – the underrated future industry) was published by Springer Fachverlag.


About GO! Express & Logistics – quality leader in the CEP market

GO! Express & Logistics provides overnight shipping services, 365 days a year, for anything that needs to arrive in perfect condition, safely and on time. The mid-market company, which was set up as a consortium by eight experienced couriers in 1984, has been expanding its extensive portfolio of logistics solutions for 40 years without becoming part of a corporation. Some 1,400 employees and more than 1,700 drivers and couriers work day in, day out to ensure the safe transport of over 10 million shipments a year (2023) – from urban cycle couriers right through to global express shipping operations. The product portfolio covers all customer-focused logistics services – from overnight express shipments through to full supply chain management. Performance rates currently stand at an excellent 99.43 per cent delivery rate on the first attempt and an impressive 0.02 per cent damage rate (both 2023). The company is further certified in quality management to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, in environmental management to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and holds certification in GDP compliance (good distribution practice).

Comprising a partner network with over 100 GO! stations in Europe, GO! Express & Logistics is an award-winner for the best customer service under package / courier services (WirtschaftsWoche) and ranks among the top 1 per cent of training companies in Germany. As such, the company is regarded as a quality leader in the CEP market with high levels of customer loyalty, exceptional customer service and excellent recommendation rates. GO! is especially proud of its high employee satisfaction and their ratings, which have made GO! a ‘Top Company’ and an ’Open Company’ on kununu.

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