Our forecast: 100 per cent delivery – zero damage.

No exceptions – we want to be the best and indeed are the best: A high delivery rate at a simultaneously low damage rate means we are the quality leader in the CEP market. We meet the highest standards, because we set ourselves the highest standards.

100 per cent delivery? Zero damage? Can you credibly make that promise? No, but we do not accept anything less. And as the quality leader in the CEP market we have achieved an above-averagely high delivery rate of 99,72 per cent at simultaneously minimal damage and loss rates of 0,02 per cent (2020).

Such top rates of course do not just fall into our laps. Hundreds of committed employees and couriers ensure that your consignments are transported safely and securely as well as on schedule. Be it a pick-up from a preferred location or delivery by a preferred deadline, tailor-made logistics solutions and personal contacts – everything has to dovetail to enable us to keep our quality promise. To achieve this goal, we are continuously enhancing our processes and our performance always focuses on our customers and on consignees. For you that means that in purely statistical terms the probability that we will disappoint you is virtually zero. And that as far as logistics are concerned, you can simply sit back and benefit from our rates.

Your benefits

  • highest quality and safety/security standards at lowest damage and loss rates
  • express delivery network with more than 100 GO! stations
  • wide range of additional services like scheduled deliveries, standard pick-up service that you can absolutely rely on
  • creation of company-specific concepts
  • assurance of permanent product availability
  • comprehensive network of emergency storage facilities, including individual storage options, nationwide emergency service, delivery within 2-4 hours possible
  • tailor-made high availability concepts
  • cross-traffic to supply your employees working from home
  • non-contact delivery option
  • proactive delivery notification
  • 24 / 7 service 365 days a year


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