GO! is one of Germany's best service providers for logistics

"Summarising all your expectations, experiences and information from the last 24 months, how do you rate the following companies overall in relation to other companies in the category? Please also make an assessment if you do not know of any other company".

This question was asked by the research institute ServiceValue on behalf of the Handelsblatt. For the ranking, a total of 270 service providers from 21 categories were examined (multiple rankings possible). The basis of the study was a representative online customer survey, which was ultimately based on more than 47,500 customer assessments.

In the category 'parcel services' we achieved a mean value higher than the industry average. GO! thus secured a place among the best 5 logistics service providers.

We are delighted with this award. It is an incentive to keep our service promises and high quality standards.


Source: https://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/dienstleister/ranking-2022-die-besten-dienstleister-in-21-kategorien/28638956.html, last accessed on 21 September 2022, 8.55 am.