In many fields, technical and auxiliary equipment for patients is essential. Smooth cooperation amongst everyone involved from the areas of medicine, technology and logistics is required to ensure optimal patient care.

We work towards seamless interaction between manufacturers, hospitals, laboratories, practices, technical personnel and patients. With individual schedules and service offers as well as replacement or return services and reliable deliveries, we can join the workflow at exactly the required point. We work with you to optimise the medical workflow and reduce your administrative and operating costs through our logistical organisation.

Service examples:

  • Pick-up from hospitals, practices, laboratories, etc.
    Whenever and wherever you need us
  • Direct acceptance of pick-up orders by GO!
    Online ordering by your customers via an IT connection to your systems
  • Overnight delivery directly at the place of use
    Safely delivered with verification, even in the home care field
  • Flexible scheduling and services
    For very late pick-up times at night or early deliveries at 8 and 9 a.m.
  • Smooth integration in your workflows and those of your customers

Your benefits:

  • Effective support of patients through individual services
    Specially adapted for practice, hospital and home care procedures
  • Reduce your administrative costs
    as well as operating costs through logistical organisation
  • Reduce your inventory management costs
    Thanks to our replacement service and return management, enjoy shorter cycle times for reusable products, transport containers and medical devices.

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++45 7030 1414

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