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Privacy policy

As GO! Denmark is operated by our partner 3D Logistik A/S, the following information apply to 3D Logistik A/S and for GO! Denmark as well.

Information to our customers regarding the General Data Protection Regulation in 3D Logistik A/S

The General Data Protection Regulation enters into force on May 25 2018.

3D Logistik A/S is now ensuring that the data we receive is processed and stored in accordance with legislation. This in relation to the new legal practice and in relation to the requirement for increased documentation.

3D Logistik A/S consider ourselves as an independent data controller in relation to our customers, as delivering a shipment is not a data processing task, even though personal data can be included in the shipping information (interpretation of Datatilsynet).

This means that our customers, who transmit data to us, can be certain that we comply with the law and the stringent requirements for data controllers. Based on this, there is no need for any data processing agreement when shipping parcels with 3D Logistik A/S.

All data relating to our customers' shipments is the highest priority of 3D Logistik A/S and we only store this data as long as documentation requirements and legislation permit this.