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Jetpak Danmark A/S

Venusvej 13
6000 Kolding

Tel. ++45 7030 1414

GO! High-tech

Professional returns and replacement parts management including installation service and tailored solutions for logistics with high availability.

Rapid product development, quick market launch, fluctuating demand – in the fast-paced high-tech market, not only is innovation required, but also the ability to react quickly and flexibly to market changes.

GO! supports you with logistics solutions that offer maximum flexibility and help you reach your markets quickly and reliably, with services ranging from precisely scheduled deliveries and tailored replacement part and repair logistics to 24 / 7 emergency services.

Individually scalable: our range of services

  • Overnight services and scheduled deliveries
  • Exchange services and technical couriers
  • Replacement part and repair logistics
  • Equipment logistics including commissioning
  • Logistics with high availability including warehousing
  • 24 / 7 emergency services, 365 days of the year
  • Product-specific load securing
  • Packaging services including return transport and disposal


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++45 7030 1414

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