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GO! Face of the month July: J. Neumann, GO! station Augsburg

My name is Jennifer Neumann and I have been working at the GO! station in Augsburg in the operating area since November 2019. Originally from the hotel business, I am no stranger to customer wishes and their fulfillment and - thus I managed a smooth transition to my new job.

I am mainly responsible for the acceptance of customer orders - so it is a pure office job. As a welcome compensation, I have taken over the management of our high-availability warehouse. Here I take care of the storage and retrieval of important spare parts or goods that are called up by our customers at short notice and then have to be transported to the place of use as quickly as possible.

What fascinates me most about the Operations department is that, due to the many different customer requirements and the resulting mostly tailor-made solutions - which we naturally handle with the greatest care and a high degree of reliability - you can end the working day every day without boredom and with new experiences. And when the satisfied customers then let you know that you are actively supporting them in their business, this gratitude is like applause for an artist.