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If you ask our employees what their day-to-day working lives look like, one of the statements you hear most frequently is:

"Every day is different and provides new challenges"

colleagues beyond limits

We could say so much about the more than 1,000 employees and 1,700 drivers and couriers, but that would mean you would have to scroll down very far to reach the vacancies. Instead we let our colleagues have their own say:

W. Welge, GO! station Hannover / export department

The most exciting working hours are often Friday evenings when many challenges await you.

Even in the current situation with all the restrictions and additional precautions around the coronavirus, I - just like my colleagues - do not let myself get carried away. We want to continue to support our customers reliably, quickly and flexibly. And so far we have succeeded in doing so!

J. Neumann, GO! station Augsburg / operations department

What fascinates me most about the Operations department is that, due to the many different customer requirements and the resulting mostly tailor-made solutions - which we naturally handle with the greatest care and a high degree of reliability - you can end the working day every day without boredom and with new experiences.

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Our company is one of the select 5.3 per cent of companies on kununu that sport the “TOP COMPANY” seal of approval. Furthermore, we have qualified for the “OPEN COMPANY” seal of approval. Like just under 1 per cent of all companies on kununu, we are showcasing ourselves and our qualities as an employer to job seekers.

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