The current prices for
GO! Overnight

The spectrum of services of the more than 100 GO! stations is exactly tailored to the circumstances and requirements of the particular location and can vary from one region to the next as a result. As a rule, pricing is individual and based on your very special shipping requirements. So please contact your local GO! station with specific price queries.

DELIVERY Price in €
net / gross
Early delivery – before 8:00 a.m. the next day in all business centres From € 35,00 net
Scheduled delivery – by 9:00 a.m. the next day 20,00 / 23,81
Scheduled delivery – other delivery times 15,00 / 17,86
Fixed delivery – exactly on time within 15 minutes From € 50,00 net
Same-day delivery /on-board courier – quickest possible conveyance the same day On request
Weekend or holiday delivery – round the clock 15,00 / 17,86
Delivery to surrounding areas 15,00 / 17,86
Confirmation of receipt – immediately upon delivery via telephone, fax or e-mail 15,00 / 17,86
Cash-on-delivery service – the GO! courier receives the money upon delivery of the freight and we transfer this to you within a very short period of time 15,00 / 17,86
Identity checking – for personal delivery of particularly confidential shipments 15,00 / 17,86
Exhibition service On request

Remarks on size and weight

To calculate the kilogram rate, the higher of the real weight and the volumetric weight is taken as a basis and divided by 5.000 according to the IATA formula.

Volumetric weight (in kg) = length × width × height (all in cm) / 5.000

For consignments comprising multiple parcels, the kilogram rate of the chargeable weights of all parcels will be added together.

If your parcel extends one of the following dimensions please get in touch with your local GO! depot: length 2.70 m, length and girth combined (calculated as length + 2*(heigth + width) 5.00 m), 50 kg. Please note that a bulk goods surcharge applies if a parcel extends following dimensions: 50 kg, length 2.70 m, length and girth combined 3.60 m.

Fuel surcharge / security fees

Consult the current fuel surcharge amount here . Security fees may be charged in the case of air freight (e.g. for same-day delivery).

Terms and Conditions

Upon order placement, the current services, rates and general terms and conditions of General Overnight Express & Logistics (Austria) GmbH shall apply. Right of adjustments reserved.