Challenges in logistics

High availability of supply chains despite shortage of skilled workers and digitisation

In many industries, the shortage of skilled workers has been a reality for years. Digitisation, on the other hand, is uncharted territory for many a person despite the intense discussions in the media. Together with AFSMI, GO! has designed the 104. Chapter Meeting. We want to discuss how high availability of supply chains can be maintained despite the current status of digitisation and the shortage of skilled workers.

What strategies have proven successful for the acquisition and retention of personnel? What methods could the available highly qualified staff use to collaborate better with each other and be more productive? How can the data accumulated during the process be used to make the workflows more efficient or to possibly even automate them? Which trends and technologies are going to change our world? And where is there potential to develop completely new business models and partnerships using the available data?

The participants will look into these questions, as well as others, in the appropriate setting. The event will take place on 25 September at the central hub of GO! Express & Logistics in Schlitzer Str. 48 in 36272 Niederaula, Germany. On the evening before the conference, there will be an opportunity to view the service area for parcels after the AFSMI networking dinner.

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