Corporate Social Responsibility

Without logistics providers like GO!, a closely meshed economy and ensuring the availability of goods would be inconceivable. Our responsibility and commitment to viable logistics solutions are correspondingly great. We are committed to achieving a balance between economic business operations and ecological management.


Our maxims

Our sustainability standards are firmly entrenched in our corporate philosophy and extend along our entire business and value chain – far beyond the logistics services we provide.

GO! maxims are articulated in guiding principles, which all staff proactively put into practice and which enable us to provide our customers with optimum support.


Our staff

Flat hierarchies, short decision-making channels and high levels of individual responsibility characterise our day-to-day work routines. We encourage our staff to get actively involved by contributing ideas.

We have always helped our staff to develop personally and professionally and offer a wide range of career advancement opportunities. Internal and external training and continuing education opportunities ensure that our staff possess the requisite expertise across the board.

We train people in various professions. In doing so, we attach importance to integrating trainees into the GO! system right from the start, by providing opportunities throughout our system.

Seals of approval like kununu’s “Top Company“ and “Open Company” are an acknowledgement of the high degree of staff satisfaction at GO!

Our couriers

Our couriers are a key component of our service promise and of our quality standards. In addition to employment security we offer a diverse range of jobs, working arrangements flexibility and on-time payment of remuneration. Furthermore, we foster the career development and occupational safety of our couriers through regular training and continuing education opportunities. From road safety to dangerous goods: our couriers are up to date in terms of knowledge and skills and keep pace with increasing demands in the industry.


Bruno S., Hamburg:

"In 2001, I started as a self-employed courier driver at GO! in Hamburg. I love being on the road every day in my Nissan E-Mobil in Hamburg's city centre and enjoy the personal contact with my colleagues and the customers I meet every day."

Our commitment

GO! assumes social responsibility and supports a wide range of social projects both by providing funding and getting actively involved at a local level. These range from supporting charitable projects and clubs via charity events to sports sponsorship. In keeping with our decentralised organisational structure, we do this on a local basis and support, for example, AIDS-Hilfe Frankfurt, and sponsor a child through Hamburg-based Plan International. Furthermore, there are numerous other social projects with regional links in which we get personally involved. Many colleagues have been tissue-typed in the DKMS database as potential stem cell donors, lend a hand on the premises of the Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice and support the food banks in Hamburg and Lübeck.


Safety and security

Safety and security are firmly entrenched in our organisation. Enhancing both these aspects is a key component of our processes and applies equally to GO! stations, goods in transit, data and staff, and they are regularly reviewed through internal audits. We protect the property of our customers by treating it with maximum sensitivity and care.

The protection of personal data and handling such data in confidence is obligatory. We treat customer and consignee data, which is supplied to us, with maximum care and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.



The health of our staff constitutes the backbone of our group of companies. We are continuously improving occupational health and safety to ensure our staff stay healthy. These efforts include regular training, inspections and audits. These measures are complemented by the company’s health management programme and local prevention initiatives.

Our compliance guidelines

GO! does not tolerate either corruption or breaches of competition law. Our dealings are transparent and we act in an honest, considered and responsible manner. Everybody is called on to put this proactively into practice in the context of their area of responsibility. Bribes and cartel agreements are not the methods employed at GO! to obtain orders and contracts.


Our environmental policy

GO! Express & Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH has set itself the goal of pursuing a sustainable environmental policy. We see environmental protection as a corporate task and are committed to the careful use of natural resources and the reduction of harmful influences on the environment.
environment. Our environmental awareness is reflected in our corporate thinking and actions.

The relevant legal and official requirements serve as the basis for our actions in environmental protection. Taking into account technical and economic feasibility, we regard the environmentally relevant laws and regulations as minimum requirements and try to take measures beyond them.

We strive for improvement. In this context, the environmental goals are regularly checked for their fulfilment, continuously evaluated and adjusted if necessary. At the same time, we set ourselves the goal of continuously improving the environmental management system.



We endeavour to strike a balance between cost-effective business operations and eco-friendly business practices. Nevertheless, particular logistical challenges in specific cases can result in our not always being able to meet certain requirements in line with our own high sustainability standards.

Top priority in our sustainability efforts is given to achieving maximum possible fuel efficiency and further reducing CO2 emissions. We reduce route network kilometres per parcel by using a smart, cost-effective route planning system. As far as delivery services are concerned, we reduce the burden on the environment by offering complementary delivery options, e.g. individual agreements for substituted services, pooling of deliveries and pick-ups as well as permanently reviewing and optimising routes and reducing avoidable traffic. Consignees are notified about deliveries in order to avoid multiple delivery attempts.

We are supplementing our fleet by adding sustainable, alternatively powered vehicles. We are increasingly deploying cargo-carrying bicycles and electric vehicles, especially in urban environments.

Furthermore, we ensure climate-neutral production of printed matter, such as promotional material and business stationery and are driving eco-friendly design forward at our locations by using electricity and gas as fuels, solar power and energy-saving LED technology.


Last, but not least: certified quality

We continuously audit and improve the quality we provide. The GO! quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certified. The audit includes all the company’s processes and is the foundation on which the provision of our transport services is based. In addition, we comply with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) of medicinal products for human use guidelines. We have certified our compliance with GDP in writing.